Where Can I Find An Up To Date, Parseable List Of Ncaa Basketball Scores And Other Statistics?

I’ve looked at www.ncaasports.com/basketball/mens/stats… but this site only supplies results through last season. I want to download the results of the games that have already been played in the current season. I plan to do some statistical analysis on these data with a program I am writting so I also need to make sure the data is easily parsable or can somehow be imported into a database.

Where Can I Buy Nhl Hockey Jerseys In Australia?

I’ve been looking around and i cant find any stores that sell em… and shipping by NHL.com is way too expensive! I live in Perth and can’t seem to find any legit stores around here.

Where Can I Find Yesterdays Trivia In The College Football Sports Section?

You need a time machine.

Where In Philadelphia Can I Watch The Ufc Fight Free?

I need a list of establishments.

Does Anyone Know Where I Can Buy Customizable Ncaa Basketball Jerseys Online? ?

Does the NCAA even allow this? I’ve been searching everywhere to get a providence friars #12 basketball jersey but I just can’t find any store/site that can do this.

Where Can I Find Nhl Hockey Cards For Players That Used To Play For The University Of North Dakota?

Looking to purchase these type of cards. Just wondering if anyone has a good website to find them.

Where Can I Download Playoff Nhl Hockey Games Online?

Where I live, i do not get many NHL games showing on TV. Ive been looking online to watch them but everything seems to cost. Does anyone know a place i could torrent them or download them, even if it is a couple days after they show on TV.

Where Will Davidson Be Ranked At The Start Of Next Years Ncaa Basketball Season?

Davidson did very well in this years NCAA tourney. Proving themselves against BIG conference schools, or ranked teams. Could they go as high as a #10 seed in next years opening rankings?

What Was The Famous Ufc Fight Where The Guy Kneed Him In The Face?

im sure you rember it. his tooth flew out.

Is The Ncaa Basketball Tournament A Big Deal Where You Live?

I live in in Louisville KY and most around here live and breathe college basketball. While I know big fans of college basketball exist all over the place, is the “Big Dance” highly regarded amongst the masses?