Sports Trivia Question?

This 6-3, 196 lb. quaterback is a senior this year. He threw for 4,174 yards and 38 touchdowns this past year although his year is not over as his team is in a bowl game. Name this player who wears number 15, has the NCAA record for most touchdown passes in a career, and whose team plays to late for most people to watch.

Sports Trivia! First One To Answer Correctly Gets 10 Points!?

What two pairs of people have the same last name on the Philidelphia Eagles? We’re speaking Nation Football League.

Other Sports Trivia?

greatests canadian citizen to ever play soccer . era pre 1960 .

10 Point Sports Trivia Question! Can Anyone Get It?

I’ll give you all the basic question, and then the specifics on how to define the question…
The question is, “What Is The Winningest Sports City?”
Here’s how that’s defined…
Counting the big 4 (football, baseball, basketball, hockey),
each year an American city has had a franchise play a season, counts as one “campaign”. For instance…
If Atlanta has had the Braves for 60 years, the Hawks for 30, the Falcons for 40, and the Thrashers for 10, that city has attempted 140 total championship “campaigns”. You then take the number of championships won, and divide it for that city’s success percentage. Whatever American city has the highest success percentage, is the winningnest. The following, are caveats…
1.- Count the NFL only, and only after the merger.
2.- Do not count the ABA.
3.- The city has to have had a minimum of 20 campaigns
since 1950 (to exclude ancient, fly-by-night small town
OK, go to work…first correct gets 10!!!

Sports Trivia Assignment. Melbourne Basketball Teams?

I’m doing my homework at the moment and I can only find the answer to half this question: What are the names of the two Melbourne based basketball teams?
The Melbourne Tigers is one, right? What’s the other one…?
Much appreciated, thanks in advance :)

I Need Ten Sports Trivia ?s And Awnsers (you Dont Have To Give 10 But It Would Be Awseom?

1.) What sport involves 2 bases 1 flyer and 1 spotter
A.) Cheerleading
2.) What sport do you use the term sack in?
A.) Football
3.) What sport involves a birde?
A.) Badmitten
4.) In basketball how many points in a free throw worth?
A.) 1 point
5.) How many innings are there in a regulat baseball game?
A.) 9 innings
6.) How many rounds of competition are in highschool competitive cheerleading?
A.)3 rounds
7.) What sport involves a disk?
A.) Disk Golf
8.) What sport uses a putter?
A.) Golf
9.) What is the rider of a horse called when in a jumping competitiong?
A.) Equestrian
10.) What sport do you do a spiral in?
A.) Figure skating
i hope i helped if you need more just let me know…!

Sports Trivia Who Won The Daytona 500 In 2003?

Michael Waltrip won the rain-shortened 2003 Daytona 500

Sports Trivia Time……who Knows The Answers?

1. whats the most amount of strikeouts a pitcher can have in an inning?
2. What are the only 2 days that there are no NHL hockey, NBA basketball, NFL football, or NBL baseball games in a non strike shortened season?
3. who is the ony person to be selected MVP on a losing team in the super bowl?

More Sports Trivia?

First to get all 10 points, gets the 10 points
1) What was unique about the 1990-1991 Denver Nuggets season?
2) Who was the model used for the MLB logo?
3) Who was the model used for the NBA logo?
4) What is the offical score of a MLB game? NFL Game?
5) Which MLB player holds the record for the most career batting K’s?
6) Which MLB HOF had more career HR’s than K’s?
7) What was unique about the 1963 MVP’s in MLB and the NFL?
8) What are the 7 professional sports franchises team names which do not end in “S”?
9) Who is the only non-american player in the NBA Hall of Fame?
10) In what U.S. city do all of the professional sports team wear the same colors?

Trivia Question. What Player Was On The Cover Of The First Sports Illustrated?

First correct answer gets the 10 points.