Dont You Hate When Athletes Think They Should Be Getting 10 Mil A Year Just Because A Few Have.?

especially when they are just good, and not great. cause 10 mil a year is great not good.

Why When Nhl Hockey Players Score A Goal They Are Sent To The Bench Afterwards?

I mean what kind of reward is that, it seems to me that when a player scores a goal, when you see them again on TV, it seems that they are about to take a seat right on the bench, no matter how soon they score, and you would see this, on TV when you watch a TV’s own coverage of the game.

Athletes You Hate???? Who R They?? And Make Sure You Tell Why??

So try to get as many matches with me on the same athletes that we hate together. Any sport counts….

I Think They Announce The Madden Cover Athlete Either Friday Or Saturday So Who Do You Want On The Cover?

Also do you belive in the madden curse? And if so do you hope the player you hate most gets the cover?

Sentana Are Showing The Ufc Now But Why Arent They Showing The Ufc Fight Nights?

Is any other uk channels going to show them? like UFC® Fight Night™ Diaz vs Neer – Sep-17-2008?

Does Anyone Remember A Canadian Game Show, They Answered Questions On Sports Trivia, And It Was In A Basement?

Sounds like Game On and they still show old re-runs of it on GTV.

Why Hasn’t Nintendo Wii Come Out With An Nhl Game? All They Have Is That Crappy Kidz Sportz Hockey!?

I would love to play some NHL hockey on the Wii. I’ll even take a game like 2K8 or something, just so I can play on the wii. It doesn’t have to use the wii style play, just anything! But could you imagine being a goalie with the wii style? Does anyone know why they don’t have an NHL game yet?

Can A Small Local Bar Show A Ufc Fight For The 50 Bucks It Would Cost Me At Home? Or Do They Get Charged More?

My girlfriend works at a small bar, and I want them to get the UFC event this saturday in Massachussetts. Is it legal for them to order it and sell it? If it isnt, how would anybody catch them? I dont really care if its illegal (and I doubt they would) as long as it isnt enforced.

What Are The Names Of The Ufc Fighters Who Wanted Fight Of The Night And Didn’t Care If They Won?

I was watching a ufc fight a while ago, a 3, 5 minute round fight. one of the fighters when he weighed in apparently said he didn’t care if he won, he just wanted to get fight of the night. does anyone know the names of the two fighters? or where i can find a video of that fight?

How Would You React If Your Favorite Athlete Announced That They Were Homosexual?

Would you still sport their jersey? Still buy their brand name shoes, clothes, etc.? Still have their poster up on your wall for everyone to see?