What Is The Best Rap Song For Fighting. Im Starting Ufc Fighting And Need A Good Song To Fight To.?

The most vicious song you can think of.

Starting An Online Dynasty On Ncaa Football 09 And Need Help?

I just got the NCAA Football 09 game and was wondering how to invite and revieve invites to an Online Dynasty? I was wondering if anyone could tell me how to send and revieve invites, or just join a league in general!! Thanks for your help and support!

Not Likely To Happen, But Suppose Us Pro Team Sports Was Taken Over By The States? Starting With Baseball?

Would the mega-money madness stop? The career-enhancing/extending abuse of drugs & steroids?
Let the bigger profits benefit state programs/citizens….
(Tell me why the idea’s stupid)

Are There Any White Starting Running Backs In Fbs Or Nfl Football?

My friend has this theory that white guys are too slow and/or fragile to play running back in upper-level college or NFL football. I agree, but we were wondering if there are any white starting running backs in the FBS or NFL at all. Also, if there are none, does anyone know who/when the last starting running back somewhere was white? This is NFL, not college.
Note: I’m not looking for fullbacks or other blocking backs, but for ball-carrying ‘backs.