What Are Some Good Sports Trivia Questions For 12-14 Year Olds?

what sport and city own the stanley cup. loaned to N H L . 1913. 2 attempts supreme court one canada one united states to steal cup from very small city. new west minister lacrosse club loaned trophy west coast pro league. N H L failed to get cup in Canada’s supreme court. 1947. also united states 1981/82. team has also won 62 major championships.

Heres A Couple Sports Trivia Questions?

10 point goes to the most correct answers.
1.who was the first college and professional football player to score a touchdown and the teams they played for ?
2 who was the first college player to score a 3 pointer shoot and who did he play for?
3.who won the first winston cup championship?
4.what team played in the first 2 superbowls?

Does Anyone Remember A Canadian Game Show, They Answered Questions On Sports Trivia, And It Was In A Basement?

Sounds like Game On and they still show old re-runs of it on GTV.

Where Can I Find A Company That Sells Sports Trivia Questions?


trivia allsports is a company that sells trivia games in all sports.