I Need Ten Sports Trivia ?s And Awnsers (you Dont Have To Give 10 But It Would Be Awseom?

1.) What sport involves 2 bases 1 flyer and 1 spotter
A.) Cheerleading
2.) What sport do you use the term sack in?
A.) Football
3.) What sport involves a birde?
A.) Badmitten
4.) In basketball how many points in a free throw worth?
A.) 1 point
5.) How many innings are there in a regulat baseball game?
A.) 9 innings
6.) How many rounds of competition are in highschool competitive cheerleading?
A.)3 rounds
7.) What sport involves a disk?
A.) Disk Golf
8.) What sport uses a putter?
A.) Golf
9.) What is the rider of a horse called when in a jumping competitiong?
A.) Equestrian
10.) What sport do you do a spiral in?
A.) Figure skating
i hope i helped if you need more just let me know…ssej38@yahoo.com!

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I believe one is staffed by college students.

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