I Need Ten Sports Trivia ?s And Awnsers (you Dont Have To Give 10 But It Would Be Awseom?

1.) What sport involves 2 bases 1 flyer and 1 spotter
A.) Cheerleading
2.) What sport do you use the term sack in?
A.) Football
3.) What sport involves a birde?
A.) Badmitten
4.) In basketball how many points in a free throw worth?
A.) 1 point
5.) How many innings are there in a regulat baseball game?
A.) 9 innings
6.) How many rounds of competition are in highschool competitive cheerleading?
A.)3 rounds
7.) What sport involves a disk?
A.) Disk Golf
8.) What sport uses a putter?
A.) Golf
9.) What is the rider of a horse called when in a jumping competitiong?
A.) Equestrian
10.) What sport do you do a spiral in?
A.) Figure skating
i hope i helped if you need more just let me know…ssej38@yahoo.com!

Do You Have Any Ncaa Basketball Picks?

I know it’s early but if you, have any college basketball knowledge and paid attention last year (knowing who will be back) and who will be upcoming freshmen attending certain schools. What would be at least your top 15 NCAA picks for the 06′-07′ season? Starting with your top team.

How Many Pounds Of Your Fingernails Have You Chewed While Watching Nhl Hockey?

And how many feet of your hair have you pulled?

Have Two Schools Ever Played For An Ncaa Basketball And Football Title In The Same Season?

I’m thinking of Florida and Ohio State, who met for the football championship in January and who might meet for the NCAA basketball championship next week.

Is It True That Ufc Fighters Have Their Own Fight Style Like Boxers,wrestlers And Marshal Arts Fighters Do?

By marshal arts I mean Judo, Kung-Fu, Sambo, Karate and such.someone answered my other question and said UFC fighting had it’s own style and it’s own name(UFC Mixed Marshal Arts).at least that’s what he called it.Is it true?

Do The Ncaa Football 09 Players Have Their Displayed?

I want to buy NCAA Football 09 but I only want to get it if it shows the players names (during a game). Does it show the players names or does it only show the players position and number?

Is It Ture Chuck Lidell May Have Dived And Took A Phamtom Punch From Rachad In Their Ufc Fight?

I havent been able to see the fight yet, but at the water cooler at work people were saying Chuck Lidell had lost on purpose and didnt even get hit.

Why Hasn’t Nintendo Wii Come Out With An Nhl Game? All They Have Is That Crappy Kidz Sportz Hockey!?

I would love to play some NHL hockey on the Wii. I’ll even take a game like 2K8 or something, just so I can play on the wii. It doesn’t have to use the wii style play, just anything! But could you imagine being a goalie with the wii style? Does anyone know why they don’t have an NHL game yet?

Do You Have A Favorite Chinese Athlete Who Compete In The Beijing Olympic?

if yes, who is your favorite Chinese athlete

Why Does Everyone Hate On Michael Vick, When Other Athletes Have Done Much Worse?

While I do think it is a horrible thing to kill dogs, Leonard Little killed someone while drunk, but how come no one wants to suspend him from the NFL indefinitely?