Which Pro Athletes Do You Hate And Why?

who would you really like to see out of the game and why?
i personally dont like tim duncan, shaq, and tom brady. shaq because he is cheap and OVERRATED NOW and tim duncan and tom brady because they won too many championships.

Why Do U.s. Athletes Hate Playing For Canadian Teams? Is It A Tax Issue?

For years it was because of the money exchange issue. The Canadian dollar was weaker than the American dollar, so players lost money by playing in Canada.
However, right now, this is a non-issue.

Dont You Hate When Athletes Think They Should Be Getting 10 Mil A Year Just Because A Few Have.?

especially when they are just good, and not great. cause 10 mil a year is great not good.

Athletes You Hate???? Who R They?? And Make Sure You Tell Why??

So try to get as many matches with me on the same athletes that we hate together. Any sport counts….

Why Do People Hate Tom Brady So Much?

I just want to know because every time I hear about him it’s always someone bombarding him. I even saw a “I hate Tom Brady Fan club”. He seems to be a very humble person. The guy took a pay cut so his team could get better. Not much athletes in the world do that.

Do You Hate Jay Cutler Because You Think He’s A “baby” Or Because He’s Not A Good Athlete?

All I hear is Cutler is the biggest baby. He couldn’t handle Denver wanting to find a new QB. First off, look at it this way. You’re the CEO of a major company, all the sudden you hear that they’re looking for a new CEO to take your place. They don’t say anything to you, but you hear through the grapevine. Another company wants to bring you on to be their CEO and they actually WANT YOU THERE. What are you going to do? I really doubt that if you can have the same position, make the same money that you’ll want to stick around with someone that obviously doesn’t want you. You will go to where you are actually wanted because it just makes sense.
Now do you not like him just because he’s a “baby” or because you really don’t think he’s a good player. I’m a Bears fan, so I hate guys like Brett Favre, Adrian Peterson, Aaron Rodgers, Calvin Johnson. Does that mean that I think they suck as football players? No it doesn’t, it just means that I’m rooting against them for my teams success. I respect everything these guys do on the field, regardless of what team they play for, it’s just a matter of will I be rooting for you or against you.

Which Professional Athletes Out There Do You Hate?

whether it is basketball or football or baseball or ping pong w/e who could you live without and WHY!?!?
i personally dont like tim duncan because of his recent championship streak and also tom brady due to the whole 3 out of 4 superbowl championships bullshiza. I also dont like shaq because he is a cheap player and still considered the most dominant center in the game get the fock outta hear with that trash. his days are done.

What Teams Do You Hate The Most And Why?

NBA=Dallas Mavericks: I just hate their fans,(especially Maverick 777) they think they are the best even though they haven’t won any rings
NFL=New England patriots:they are so cocky, and their fans are annoying as well.
NHL=Carolina Hurricanes: as a NC resident, I have to hear about them all the time, and I hate hockey.
MLB=New York Yankees: they think they are the only good thing in baseball, they have the ******** fans of all!
NCAA=Duke Blue Devils:They are the ******** group of college athletes you could ever see! They are WAY overated having won NO NCAA Titles before 1990!
what is your list and why?

Why Do I Hate My New College?

It’s only been 2 days and classes haven’t started yet, but I hate my new college so far. I hate the people here. It’s a small private college, and everyone here fits in one of two categories it seems like. They’re either an athlete (since it’s a small school, and there’s still so many teams to fill, a higher percentage are athletes), or they’re a “nerd”(never liked that word but I don’t know what else to say), and I can’t relate to either. I played sports in high school, but I never really hung out with jocks I just can’t stand them for some reason, and this whole school seems like jocks. My question is if I transfer to a bigger public school, there’s bound to be a wider variety of people, and won’t I be more happy? It’s kind of sad that’s it’s been two days and I’m already planning my transfer. I’m not giving up yet, I’m just really frustrated, this school is so different than I thought it would be.

Why Does Eveyone Hate Athletes?

i read answers to a question Was High School a nightmare for you and it seemed like everyone complained about athletes “jocks” and it was like everyone hated them i play sports (football, lacrosse” and im pretty good, im kinda a shallow but i dont make fun of kids or anything like that, and everyone think people who are good athletes are dumb but im not im just average.