What Is A Good Appetizer To Serve During A Ufc Fight, Being Watched At Home?

I just started hanging out with a guy and he invited me to watch because we both like UFC…
the only thing i know that he likes is buffalo wings.
I need some more ideas please.

Where Is A Good Place To Watch A Ufc Fight In Las Vegas?

I’m going to Las Vegas in July 11th for UFC 100 but i dont have tickets for the fight. Does anyone know where is a cool bar or place to watch the fight at?

What Is A Good Strategy For Nhl Hockey Pools?

How do you draft to win an NHL hockey pool?
What positions do you draft first to make the best team?

What Ncaa Football Team Am I? 10 Points For The First Correct Answer And A Good Explanation.?

I have some clues for you to figure out who this top 25 NCAA football team is?
This team has done the following:
1) Defeated a team whose only win this season is against an FCS (1-AA) school that is now 2-2 on the year. This team is 1-3 on the year.
2) Defeated a team who has barely won two games of its own. One vs. a mid-american west conf 2-2 team. The other versus an ACC team that is 2-2. This team is also ranked in the top 25. How I don’t know? My idea is that this team is ranked to help the team’s ranking I’m asking about.
3) Defeated another team who also defeated the team described in #1. This team is 2-2 on the year.
So guess the team and tell me why they are ranked what they are. Thanks.

Has Any Good Mlb Baseball Player Ever Gone To Japan Or Latin America While Still In Their Prime?

I see all these players in other leagues leaving because of the Salary cap so i was wondering if any good baseball player ever left the MLB.

Where Is A Good Website To See Sports Trivia?

I and a buddy of mine swear we know more than the other about sports and there’s only one way to settle it…sports trivia! But one problem, we dont know where to find sports trivia. Any ideas people?

Being A Good Athlete; Born With It Or Attainable?

I want sports to be my life. That probably sounds stupid, but ever since I can remember, I’ve tried really hard to live and breathe at least one specific sport. Basketball was close for a while, but I stopped playing a few years ago.
Next year, I plan to run X-C, swim in the winter, and either run track in the spring or play softball. I want to love being an athlete, and more importantly, I want to be good. Can I achieve this?