Who Is Your Favorite Athlete In The World???

I would say mine is Tiger. You can pick an athlete from any sport! Soccer, Football, Basketball, Golf, Tennis ANYTHING SPORT!!!!

Who Is Your Favorite Olympic Athlete And Why?

Personally I like Ryan Lochte. He’s a swimmer.

Do You Have A Favorite Chinese Athlete Who Compete In The Beijing Olympic?

if yes, who is your favorite Chinese athlete

Who Is Your Favorite Athlete?

Who is your favorite athlete? Why are they your favorite? Have they inspired you to do the sport they do? How did you find out about them? Have you met them?

Who Is Your Favorite Nba Basketball Player?

I love Chris “Birdman” Anderson. I watch him play in Denver and he just gets you pumped! He is soooo energetic! Haha. He also seems like such a cool guy. But, on his myspace it says he smokes. I know he was banned in 1999 so it dosent seem smart of him to put yes and yes to smoking and drinking on his myspace. Haha. Tisk tisk.
So…who is your favorite NBA Basketball player?

Who Is Your Favorite Athlete Participating In Olympic Soccer?

Natashia Kai. Love her aggressive play, attitude, and tribal tattoos.

Poll: What Sport Is Your Favorite In The Olympics And Who Is Your Favorite Athlete (hottest Counts Too)?

Swimming and Michael Phelps! It’s so exciting to watch him swim so fast, it’s totally amazing!

Who Is Your Favorite Athlete Of All Time?

In any sport and any era.

What Is The Best Way To Get An Autograph From Your Favorite Athlete?

Need Proof and Advice

How Would You React If Your Favorite Athlete Announced That They Were Homosexual?

Would you still sport their jersey? Still buy their brand name shoes, clothes, etc.? Still have their poster up on your wall for everyone to see?