What Does The Ncaa Do With The 6 Billion Cbs Payed Them To Air The Ncaa Basketball Tournament?

Im just wondering, because if they are receiving that much i think the players should receive some compensation. Feels like certain colleges & the NCAA should be paying the athletes because they do sell tons of jerseys with the players names

Does This Sports Trivia Question Make Sense To You?

This is a trivia question posted at kcbs.com. It makes no sense to me.
What had a soldier just dropped, before he “cheats off the rode”?

Does Anyone Know Where I Can Buy Customizable Ncaa Basketball Jerseys Online? ?

Does the NCAA even allow this? I’ve been searching everywhere to get a providence friars #12 basketball jersey but I just can’t find any store/site that can do this.

Does Anyone Know The Link To The Video In Which A Guy Does A Kip Up In A Ufc Fight?

My friend says they are practical in a fight but I want to show him why they are not. Anyone know the link?
I know this is the martial arts section but this is the section in which I found the link.

Does Ncaa Basketball Call Defensive 3 Seconds In The Paint?

Do NCAA basketball refs call defensive 3 seconds in the paint?

Does Anyone Know What Kind Of Curve Nhl Hockey Players Are Using?

What is the most popular curve in the NHL today.

What The Hell Does One Wear To A Ufc Fight??

I never really follow UFC fights but got invited to go and I’m totally stoked however, I’m in desperate need of some dress code advice. (I’m a chick btw) Do jeans fly or am I supposed to dress it up a little?

How Many Minutes In The Penalty Box Does A Nhl Hockey Player Get For Using Foul Language?

Or do they just have to wash their mouths out with soap and water?

Does Anyone Remember A Canadian Game Show, They Answered Questions On Sports Trivia, And It Was In A Basement?

Sounds like Game On and they still show old re-runs of it on GTV.

Why Does Eveyone Hate Athletes?

i read answers to a question Was High School a nightmare for you and it seemed like everyone complained about athletes “jocks” and it was like everyone hated them i play sports (football, lacrosse” and im pretty good, im kinda a shallow but i dont make fun of kids or anything like that, and everyone think people who are good athletes are dumb but im not im just average.