In Football, Who Is Your Most Hated Athlete And Coach? In Nfl!!?

Tom Coughlin-hated coach
Player Micheal Vick, TO

How Important Do You Think Showing Emotions Is To An Athlete?

I’ve played softball since I was five, and I just quit my sophmore year of college, and my past coaches biggest complaint about me is that I am emotionless on the field. Some wanted me to look angrier. They thought it was important to ‘send a message’ to the other team. I’ve always hated those coaches cos I felt they didn’t understand me. I needed to be emotionless to pitch. I needed to be clean of all that garbage so I could think clearly. However, since this was a complaint from more than two of my past coaches- I was curious to see what other people in the world of sports (or even outside) thought about this.
My personal reason for being emotionless is because I am a very emotionally chaotic person. While my teammates soley know me as being stoic/shy, I know that beneath the exterior that I am a highly sensitive. I don’t want any extreme emotions in me cuz they distract and inhibit me.
What is ur opinion? Is necessary or more favorable to openly show aggression/attitude in sports?

Who’s Your Most Hated Athlete?

mine is Barry Bonds because im a Dodger fan.

I Think They Announce The Madden Cover Athlete Either Friday Or Saturday So Who Do You Want On The Cover?

Also do you belive in the madden curse? And if so do you hope the player you hate most gets the cover?

Do You Hate Jay Cutler Because You Think He’s A “baby” Or Because He’s Not A Good Athlete?

All I hear is Cutler is the biggest baby. He couldn’t handle Denver wanting to find a new QB. First off, look at it this way. You’re the CEO of a major company, all the sudden you hear that they’re looking for a new CEO to take your place. They don’t say anything to you, but you hear through the grapevine. Another company wants to bring you on to be their CEO and they actually WANT YOU THERE. What are you going to do? I really doubt that if you can have the same position, make the same money that you’ll want to stick around with someone that obviously doesn’t want you. You will go to where you are actually wanted because it just makes sense.
Now do you not like him just because he’s a “baby” or because you really don’t think he’s a good player. I’m a Bears fan, so I hate guys like Brett Favre, Adrian Peterson, Aaron Rodgers, Calvin Johnson. Does that mean that I think they suck as football players? No it doesn’t, it just means that I’m rooting against them for my teams success. I respect everything these guys do on the field, regardless of what team they play for, it’s just a matter of will I be rooting for you or against you.

Is Kobe Bryant The Most Hated Athlete Ever?

I think OJ is but Kobe not far behind i really don’t understand because if the team ahead there Mad if he scores over 35, but when the team down they say hey please take over and win for us, but really people need to stop listening to others talk about him, and really stop listening to the media because his is a hell of a basketball player and he puts on a great show and that what everyone goes to pay money to see!!!!!

Who Is Your Favorite Athlete In The World???

I would say mine is Tiger. You can pick an athlete from any sport! Soccer, Football, Basketball, Golf, Tennis ANYTHING SPORT!!!!

Who Is Your Favorite Olympic Athlete And Why?

Personally I like Ryan Lochte. He’s a swimmer.

Do You Have A Favorite Chinese Athlete Who Compete In The Beijing Olympic?

if yes, who is your favorite Chinese athlete

Which Athlete Is More Fun To Love To Hate??

kobe bryant, a-rod, barry bonds, T.O., or someone else?