NCAA football pump up 2013-14 “Clairity”

Had fun making this i hope you enjoy. i have no copy rights to this video clips or audio.

Series Playlist: The final game of the season is here! The 2016 Allstate Sugar Bowl w…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. Jelani Pierre says:

    What song is this

  2. Shaun Lickliter says:

    whats the remix?

  3. The Monsterstacks says:

    Perfect editing?

  4. Extreme Balla says:

    Nice editing. Check out my pump up video on my channel.?

  5. Flamey_kickz says:


  6. Nicholas Lewandowski says:

    What editing software did you use??

  7. A lot of footage is from last year. Otherwise great video?

  8. Eric Hailstork says:

    after high school i cant wait to go to a college ?

  9. Arturo Franco says:

    beautiful :’)?

  10. Dan Finnamore says:

    messed up the remix for the music?

  11. Morris Saunders says:


  12. GenuineKracka says:

    yuh speld it rong moran!!! Clarity*?

  13. MrTipula says:


  14. Adam Robson says:


  15. RS Mixes says:

    Dope mix man!?

  16. CLAY FIRE says:

    4:02 was the best!?

  17. Avery Riggs says:

    that hit at 4:18 ?

  18. Chad Stallworth says:

    great video?

  19. Golden Bruin says:

    fuckin dank ass video.?

  20. herostHate says:

    This Video is fucking Awesome man! Great Work!
    And taht DROP tho *__*?

  21. jesse saenz says:

    miles jack is gonna lead ucla to a rose bowl?

  22. shadowperson guy says:

    4:26 corderrelle!?

  23. Adam Balsimo says:
  24. Justin Sanchez says:

    make more vids please!!! :(?

  25. Avenger2108 says:
  26. qwerty98685 says:

    2 pick 6’s :D?

  27. Trey Johnson says:

    When you move this series to madden 15 can you please put him on the niners?

  28. Phillip Isayev says:

    You literally singlehandedly scored twice as much as your team?

  29. DonnieCookieMonster says:

    You had an awesome career.?

  30. The Watcher on the Wall says:

    Great video as always! Sucks that you couldn’t make it to the natty again
    though :/?

  31. LeedleLetsPlaysz says:

    2nd ?

  32. Bob Jones says:

    This video was amazing.

  33. ValorOni says:

    Great play calling and reading those screens!!! If they ever bring back
    ncaa college football, would you consider playing a different position on
    defense? ?

  34. Phillip Isayev says:

    You should make one connected franchise with a QB, CB, and SS. I’ve done it
    and it’s fun to go multiple years because when you get sick of SS you can
    do CB?

  35. 18RowdyGators18 says:


  36. Steven DuPree says:

    NCAA 14=best football game ever made….R.I.P?

  37. Tyler Steiner says:

    I love this series so sad a it’s coming to an end. You are one of my
    favorite commentators. :)?

  38. disturbed1084 says:

    I hope you do another series like this . :) ?

  39. NeneDaMonster says:

    You’re a monster ?

  40. sam h says:

    Lol 3 pick 6?

  41. Sushi Boy says:

    Please show me on the leaderboards for DBs. I have the top 7 50K guys haha.
    It would be really cool to see me in your video?

  42. Get out 23 says:

    I’ve watch every episode of the series and the qb series sorry to see it
    go…..def the best series ever can’t wait for the qb video…..also hope
    madden has the same amount of enjoyment?

  43. Brennon Evaige says:

    Madden 15 here we come ?

  44. Alex Gajic says:

    I haven’t been watching all of your videos lately, but this has to be your
    best game! Great video! Bunch of props to you bro. You gotta continue the
    journey on madden 15?

  45. Gilbert Ortega says:

    Best Pick 6 Ever?

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