Mixed Martial Arts 69lbs versus Sumo 600lbs

Mixed Martial Arts 69lbs versus Sumo 600lbs.

History Channel : Human Weapon.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. YaSherif says:

    BTW that little dude is NOT 69lbs NOway. ?

  2. Exiphi says:

    Lol all fatass fighers just sucks ass. They came this far cus their fat and
    just rolled over the opponent.?

  3. YaSherif says:

    whats with the gold stars in the start my nigga???? this is a fight. ?

  4. Samael S says:

    169 lbs you noob?

  5. Mark Jones says:

    Video is mistitled?

  6. Saul Urrutia says:


  7. mohamed saby says:


  8. Mare?alul Alexandru Averescu. says:

    69lbs? Is he an 8 year old child??

  9. Pedro Sanchez says:

    Scared the shit out of me at the end, thought the Asian guy was gonna get
    eaten lol?

  10. Petra Schrammel says:

    Ahh comedi?

  11. TorbenMartialArts says:

    what the..?

  12. Jabot bert says:

    what the hell they are doing..?

  13. jack lin says:


  14. Alex Basso says:

    Which one is the sumo restler? ;)?

  15. jibba02 says:


  16. Paul Taylor says:

    What a load of shit?

  17. ??????? says:


  18. George Hart says:

    Fucking legend?

  19. Stefano Chessa says:
  20. virinprew says:

    Seems like the sumo was holding back. ?

  21. Christopher Pram says:

    Tom und Jerry??

  22. ?????????? ??!?

  23. John Ricks says:

    This is like a horror movie, lol?

  24. ??? ??????? says:
  25. sade payne says:

    the one who hurries cannot walk with dignity..?

  26. David Yuen says:

    I think that kung fu warrior (such as sholin monk, wu tang taoist and bruce
    lee) can defeat mma fighter.?

  27. Aidan Zheng says:

    the triangle choke is risky if your opponent is big… he can lift you up
    and slam you on the ground?

  28. TwoMez says:

    We all learned the spinning kick today even the white belts?

  29. Matt Weber says:

    Human Weapon MMA?

  30. Thomas Lichtendonk says:

    great moves, double leg take down and then finish with a arm bar ?

  31. Edward Hollan says:


  32. YoungDeath786 says:

    I do MMA I beat up a hole bunch of kids in my school?

  33. Darkassasin885kk says:


  34. exoticspider says:

    When wver u see a gray or dark gray guy tht is naked get the fuck outa the
    way bcuz ur gunna get fucked over?

  35. soomkid meesakul says:

    is it martial art the interesting, I like it.?

  36. Amiya Mahanta says:
  37. Y?lmaz DALKIRAN says:

    0:47 What the fuck these formulas? I think they are just simple physical
    laws by Newton. lol?

  38. Selena Contemprato says:
  39. Elija Massetto says:

    …Shut up…chuck Norris learnt from me..?

  40. Temir Aulnay Sous says:

    MMA is very dangerous !?

  41. Khon Channeth says:
  42. Ozzie Osborne says:

    Cube Zoe,that was funny
    Lmao but then I feel good no that was funny,?

  43. Pavle Cvorovic BJJ says:


  44. DahCakeMan says:

    Never fuck with silver men, hahahaha?

  45. belac nadroj says:


  46. John Davis says:

    “Prisoners are probably the biggest cissies, They need to use weapons and
    rape (whilst pretending not be gay whilst putting their penises up other
    mens’ butts). Put them in a one-on-one fight, no weapons, against a martial

    MMA fighter would hand the prisoner his asshole with a fork and plate.?

  47. Edward Park says:

    I do dojo mma tae gwon dow.?

  48. LeGeNdZ mOnKeYz says:

    bt no ladders :(

  49. TheFoxfy says:

    this aint helping for street fights :) Simply start training the sport
    which you like not only watch videos all day :)

  50. MrBruneras12 says:

    He’s a Spartan.

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