Boxing/ufc, Etc?

With all of the steroids incidents in sports. I was wondering how the regulations are for combat sports such as UFC and boxing or kick boxing, etc. The reason I ask is because I read how Brock Lesnar is going to make his debut to the UFC pretty soon or something. The guy is wicked strong and powerful. But many Pro wrestlers have taken steroids and former ones have as there have been so many countless deaths with former wrestlers at a young age. So as strong as he is, I wonder if some of that is from a steroid or steroid like injection or supplement. It;s not good for most sports, but I doubt all can be prevented. But it seems like the one sport or the sports that should be the most strict on this are the one on one fighting sports, because that could be quite the disadvantage for a man already huge and really strong to now be boosted even that much more with steroids. I was just wondering if anyone knows how boxing or UFC are with really checking this stuff?

How Come Football Fans Applaud Cheating?

Football fans applaud cheaters, like in the New England case. If something like that happened in my sport, basketball, people whould say, “The NBA is rigged!” Sean Merriman took steroids, and was still able to play in the Pro Bowl the same year. Where as Barry Bonds took steroids one time, and is one of the most hated people in America. Someone on the basketball section just said the NBA is rigged because the Cleveland Cavaliers got to the Finals last year when nobody thought they would, If a team came from nowhere to the big game in the NFL, a la the Steelers in 2006, people would be excited about this “cindarella” story. People seem to look past flaws in the NFL, and in other sports put them in the spot light. Like people talk about how the NBA is full of criminals, but their are more people convicted of crimes in the NFL.Their seems to be a double standard not to many people are aware of in the sports world today, a set Necessary to be followed by people in other sports, but not Necessary to be followed by people in football.

How Would I Be Categorized Politically?

I support unborn rights and would support a pro-life amendment to the constitution, with the only acceptation for the mother’s life.
I would abolish the department of education because it’s a local and state level responsibility.
I support the right to bear arms, concealed weapons licenses, hunting, stand your ground laws, etc.
I support a 2 strikes and your out drunk driving law.
I support a his body his choice law banning infant circumcision unless it is to treat a legitimate medical condition.
I support the decriminalizing of marijuana because it is less harmful than alcohol.
I think the drinking age should be 18 to match the age of adulthood.
I think it is of the highest urgency to become and stay energy independent.
I support nuclear power and increasing the number of nuclear power plants across America.
I would push the auto makers to make electric cars available for drivers who want them.
I would set and push for goals of energy independence, curing cancer, and paying down the nation debt.
I oppose the endangered species act because it has failed to protect one species and has only given government control of people’s land.
I would raise the levels of fines on employers hiring illegal aliens.
Homeland security should only be used as an anti-terror agency and criminal law enforcement should be handled by other agencies.
I don’t believe there is such thing as a gay marriage and think we should give them the same privileges that comes with marriage but call it something else.
I think capitalism is the greatest antipoverty tool the world has ever seen and encourage the economy, not put outrageous taxes on it.
I don’t believe humans are warming up the Earth but I think we need to clean up some of the messes we are making such as air quality.
I believe in a small federal government. I don’t think the general public should even notice the federal government unless they visit their local military recruiter or post office.
No more ethanol, it causes higher grocery bills and less MPG.
I support Boone’s plan.
I support the rights of nudists to live their lifestyle on their privately owned property without the government telling them they must put clothes on.
I am a Christian but don’t think it’s the government’s job to push morality, I think morality must come from the people up. Not the government down.
I support net neutrality, and oppose bandwidth caps.
I would revert our copyright laws back to that of the Webster and Benjamin Franklin years: An item can be copyrighted for 14 years, renewable once, then falls into public domain.
We allow men to go out in public shirtless. I support amending the law allowing both genders to do the same. One gender shirtless is discrimination. I support women’s rights to breast feed in public. That is the function of the breast. I don’t think anyone has ever been harmed for seeing a breast.
I think smokers should be required to pay their own way when they get cancer and heart disease. Not get public money to fight a self imposed condition.
I would allow people to own their social security accounts and allow them to invest in a Roth IRA within their social security account so the people may build a nest egg to retire on. Each person will own their account and congress may never dip into it.
I would make it illegal for credit card companies to raise interest rates, at will, with no delinquent activity: banning universal default.
Absolutely, no more national debt. No more borrowing.
I believe terminally ill patients should be allowed to take experimental drugs that have yet to receive FDA approval.
Lets get rid of the IRS, replace tax system with flat tax or national sales tax. The IRS and current tax code only exists to control people.
I oppose taxes on broadband internet access, sales tax on in items bought online, and regulation of online content.
I don’t believe our government is up to the task of providing national heath care and it’s much better off left in the hands of the private sector.
I think adults should legally be able to take steroids for body building if he is not competing in competitive sports.
I think daylight savings time should be expanded to a year round project.
I oppose the government regulating the content of literature, films, video games, etc.

How Do You Feel About Pro Wrestlers Using Steroids Or Hgh?

i personally don’t like it. I’m trying to make it in the wrestling biz and with guys like batista who has no talent but is a monster, it makes it difficult for me to make it. I’ve been to WWE training school and i’ve been told i have talent, but i was also told to put on more size. another 20lbs of muscle, only steroids will do that. so i ask. do you think the sport is better off with monsters in it or should they being taking in guys like CM Punk who does not use steroids or HGH but has unbelieveable talent?

Why Do Baseball Players Have Such Horrible Sportsmanship?

For instance that guy got hit in the head last night and ONLY his team helps.
At the end of a baseball game they shake hands with THEIR team only.
They take steroids more then any other pro league.
They are also the laziest considering and expect the most $$??
What is in baseball players that gives them this disgusting arrogant attitude that it still bad, but NOT nearly as bad in other sports…??

The Reason Steroids Are Illegal Makes No Sense, Are There Any Senators Who Are Trying To Make Them Legal…?

I UNDERSTAND WHY THEY DONT WANT STEROIDS IN SPORTS but if the main reason they were criminalized was because of pros using them, then why did they make it illegal for the users who ARENT IN SPORTS?? out of all users in u.s. only 15% are pro athletes, so why not just have more off season testing( you know when THERE ACTUALLY USING THE STUFF) for athletes? taking away our freedoms because of what a few cheaters did just isnt right, its not american!?

Would You Take Steroids?

Obviously steroids are a huge thing in pro sports today.But I don’t know why so many people are willing and do take steroids.I am a teenager so you would expect me to say that I would take them.I know a lot of kids im my school that do take steroids.I would never take steroids.I mean are you really willing to live good with them for like a short period and then suffer the rest of your life?

Why Are Baseball Player’s Wives The Most Unhappy Of All Pro Sports Wives ?

steroids maybe? lmao guess that’s what they mean by taking one for the team

What Are Your Thoughts On Steroids In Professional Sports?

Any sport.
And, what are your thoughts on players taking them from college, h.s., and in some extreme cases middle school to become a better athlete and have a better chance of going pro?

Will The Current Pro Sports Scandals Affect How Much You Follow Each?

The Big Three are all entangled in scandals and basic bad press. In case you’ve been in hibernation:
National Football League is being rocked by allegations of dogfighting by Michael Vick
Baseball has its steroid controversy, especially with the “Great One (in his own mind!)”, Barry Bonds
The NBA took a serious blow with allegations of a cheating referee
Will this have any effect on how much you follow each of these sports?