In Football, Who Is Your Most Hated Athlete And Coach? In Nfl!!?

Tom Coughlin-hated coach
Player Micheal Vick, TO

Which Pro Athletes Do You Hate And Why?

who would you really like to see out of the game and why?
i personally dont like tim duncan, shaq, and tom brady. shaq because he is cheap and OVERRATED NOW and tim duncan and tom brady because they won too many championships.

Why Do U.s. Athletes Hate Playing For Canadian Teams? Is It A Tax Issue?

For years it was because of the money exchange issue. The Canadian dollar was weaker than the American dollar, so players lost money by playing in Canada.
However, right now, this is a non-issue.

How Important Do You Think Showing Emotions Is To An Athlete?

I’ve played softball since I was five, and I just quit my sophmore year of college, and my past coaches biggest complaint about me is that I am emotionless on the field. Some wanted me to look angrier. They thought it was important to ‘send a message’ to the other team. I’ve always hated those coaches cos I felt they didn’t understand me. I needed to be emotionless to pitch. I needed to be clean of all that garbage so I could think clearly. However, since this was a complaint from more than two of my past coaches- I was curious to see what other people in the world of sports (or even outside) thought about this.
My personal reason for being emotionless is because I am a very emotionally chaotic person. While my teammates soley know me as being stoic/shy, I know that beneath the exterior that I am a highly sensitive. I don’t want any extreme emotions in me cuz they distract and inhibit me.
What is ur opinion? Is necessary or more favorable to openly show aggression/attitude in sports?

Dont You Hate When Athletes Think They Should Be Getting 10 Mil A Year Just Because A Few Have.?

especially when they are just good, and not great. cause 10 mil a year is great not good.

Who’s Your Most Hated Athlete?

mine is Barry Bonds because im a Dodger fan.

Athletes You Hate???? Who R They?? And Make Sure You Tell Why??

So try to get as many matches with me on the same athletes that we hate together. Any sport counts….

I Think They Announce The Madden Cover Athlete Either Friday Or Saturday So Who Do You Want On The Cover?

Also do you belive in the madden curse? And if so do you hope the player you hate most gets the cover?

Can You Get Athlete’s Foot For Wearing Your Own Sneakers/shoes Without Socks?

I hate wearing socks, and have been wearing my sneakers, and deck shoes without socks for at least 20 years, and a friend told me that I could get Athlete’s foot, and I never had it. I told her that I been doing it for many years and never had it. How can I get Athlete’s foot if I wear my own sneakers without socks? Nobody else wears my shoes, and my feet are in very good shape, and I can’t understand how I can get Athlete’s foot for wearing my own sneakers without socks. If so, what could cause it?

Why Do People Hate Tom Brady So Much?

I just want to know because every time I hear about him it’s always someone bombarding him. I even saw a “I hate Tom Brady Fan club”. He seems to be a very humble person. The guy took a pay cut so his team could get better. Not much athletes in the world do that.