How Can The Nhl Make Hockey More Appealing And Increase Its Fan Base?

The NHL is floundering. With the exception of a few bright stars ratings are not climbing. Hockey is a distant fifth in peoples minds for sports entertainment.
There are fights and highlights and a game speed second to only nascar.
Are the rules to complex? does the game have too many dimensions? What does the NHL need to do to win you over?

How Do The 3 Stars Get Picked In Nhl Hockey?

Why is Crosby one of the “3 stars” in Thursdays game against the Panthers when Tyler Kennedy scored 2 goals to his 1, including the game winner?

Where Can I Buy Nhl Hockey Jerseys In Australia?

I’ve been looking around and i cant find any stores that sell em… and shipping by is way too expensive! I live in Perth and can’t seem to find any legit stores around here.

Would I Ever Be Able To Be A Nhl Hockey Player?

I love hockey…it is the best thing that has ever happened to me, in my life I plan to play for the Bruins. Do you think they would turn me down if I am an awesome player and have the skill, but turn me down cause im a chick?

When Did The Referees In Nhl Hockey Games Begin Voicing Penalties On The Loud Speaker Like They Do In The Nhl?

When did they start doing this? And, how come it’s seemingly done only for certain penalty calls?
I don’t like it – it seems like it’s trying to be too much like NFL football.

In Nhl Hockey, Why Do Sometimes When There’s A Face-off One Of The Players Gets Thrown Out?

Like there about to have a face-off, and then the ref directs one of the players out and another player has to come in to take the face-off. Why does the ref do that?
Any hockey players know the answer?

How Many Pounds Of Your Fingernails Have You Chewed While Watching Nhl Hockey?

And how many feet of your hair have you pulled?

Why When Nhl Hockey Players Score A Goal They Are Sent To The Bench Afterwards?

I mean what kind of reward is that, it seems to me that when a player scores a goal, when you see them again on TV, it seems that they are about to take a seat right on the bench, no matter how soon they score, and you would see this, on TV when you watch a TV’s own coverage of the game.

Where Can I Find Nhl Hockey Cards For Players That Used To Play For The University Of North Dakota?

Looking to purchase these type of cards. Just wondering if anyone has a good website to find them.

Where Can I Download Playoff Nhl Hockey Games Online?

Where I live, i do not get many NHL games showing on TV. Ive been looking online to watch them but everything seems to cost. Does anyone know a place i could torrent them or download them, even if it is a couple days after they show on TV.