2013 MLB All Star Game

Great hitting and pitching by the American League All Stars gives them the win and home field advantage for the world series. Mariano Rivera pitched a 1-2-3 …
Video Rating: 4 / 5

All Video Credit Goes to Major League Baseball and MLB.com.
Video Rating: 3 / 5

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  1. Felipe josé says:

    I don’t know a lot about MLB, so why the cheers for some players and not
    for the others??

  2. Daniel Sosa says:

    I’m getting sleepy fast . Why??

  3. Cameron Myers says:

    The starting line up was different players that werent announced after?

  4. Sanae Kochiya says:

    The fuck i am doing watching baseball videos.?

  5. John Robertson says:

    Can you tell me what the “leagues” in this game are??

  6. Aidan Fell says:

    Why are they doing the NFL on fox theme for BASEBALL. I like the theme buts
    its baseball?

  7. archana reddy says:

    such a boring game….why dont americans like cricket i dont understand…?

  8. saultube44 says:

    Where can I see full games? I have read that you can see them with Media
    Player Classic – Home Cinema.?

  9. marblehillpjs says:

    dude you cut out the tribute for Mo ? really ??

  10. victoria mertz says:

    great game?

  11. Sam Cannella says:

    um why is there dhs?

  12. hector torres says:

    I love baaseball?

  13. Zach Crat says:


  14. Landon Massey says:
  15. Ismael Villagrana says:

    No fair for Cargo at 38:10?

  16. Rekrab says:

    I love how cliff lee just stands motionless staring off in the distance
    during the players announcements.?

  17. Romanza313 says:

    Prince Fielder hustled to get that Triple was incredible even though he is
    quite heavy. 2:05:30?

  18. Landon Massey says:

    were is miguel cabrera?

  19. Life of Foods says:

    posey should be playing catcher?

  20. conner bates says:

    I was so happy when shcerzer was pitching because he plays for the tigers.?

  21. James Kumm says:

    At 4:58 someone says booooooooo?

  22. jaden Boys says:
  23. Hawks Go says:
  24. Osita Cariñosita says:


  25. The best part of this game was when Erin Andrews called ex- Met,Tom Seaver,
    “Mr. Seger”…lol?

  26. WillB3645 says:

    @joaquin ames Cano has the most swag in the league, and to everyone else
    thank you for watching and i do realize that i did make some mistakes like
    tulo and hanley by far are in the top 8 but it just didnt cross my mind at
    the time but thanks for the comments ?

  27. WillB3645 says:

    Part two will be up in the next few weeks thanks everyone?

  28. Chris Koenig says:

    Where is Carlos gonzalez?

  29. Ryan G says:

    Machados a whiny bitch?

  30. thor sox says:

    Robinson Cano just doesn’t hustle, David Ortiz should be far and away #1?

  31. Reed Zerweck says:

    Hanley has the most swag by far?

  32. ItsHydration says:

    Lol at 0:56 the kid flips off number 25. Im done ahaha?

  33. David Camino says:

    Wtf where’s Babe Ruth????

  34. Christian Cruz says:

    Wheres giancarlo stanton??

  35. Laura Finch says:


  36. Brice Phillips says:

    Ummmm where is puig??????

  37. Michael Clemente says:

    I personally think that mike trout is the swaggiest player, because he hit
    for the cycle and he ribs so many homeruns, makes so many diving catches?

  38. 420GrandSlam says:

    cano is the most nonchalant player in the mlb but he is a fucking beast?

  39. Liam Kharb says:


  40. Stephen Gossman says:

    what about Goldschmidt??

  41. Alec Bruce says:

    What about puig??

  42. Brewer Fan says:

    Kemp is a crybaby. Good thing this is only talking about swag, not talent?

  43. Dillon Patterson says:

    Guys derick jeter should be number#1

  44. John Allison says:

    My only complaint is that Victor Martinez isn’t on the list. Dudes got

  45. Colin Cain says:

    no cutch??

  46. braeden wodehouse says:

    i agree 100% with #1 by far the most swag?

  47. Dylan Murphy says:

    Were is miggy?

  48. Clutch Narwhal says:

    Y no pitchers like kershaws or not a pitcher puig?

  49. Johnston French says:

    I wish they’d stop showing people robbing homers, they jump two feet in the
    air and catch it. I know it’s hard, I play baseball, but there are many
    non-players who can do it as well and it’s not too exciting to watch.?

  50. Mari Gomez says:

    Wow I like this!?

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